Kenyan Transwoman Based In Canada Reveals She Spent 1.7 Million On Cosmetic Surgery


A Kenyan transwoman based in Canada Khloe Koko has opened up about her upbringing back in Kenya, her career, transformation journey, and her experience as a transgender in regard to societal perceptions.

In an interview with media personality Shaffie Weru, she describes her transformation as fulfilling and revealed how she splashed millions for a cosmetic surgery specifically to obtain feminine features.

According to Khloe, she spent 16,000 US dollars (approximately Ksh1.7 M) for the surgery and admits that she has no regrets since it was all worth it.

“When I look at myself, I feel this is how I am supposed to look. I have no regrets. My heart, my soul is at peace” she said

Growing up in Kenya where homosexuality is illegal, Khloe says that she was never discriminated and most of her friends accepted her for who she is.

“I was just one of those lucky people who never got discriminated in Nairobi. I had good friends’ people who understood who I am.” She stated

Khloe reveals that many Kenyans including celebrities and prominent people are still hiding in the closet for the fear of being judged. As for her, she has always been more inclined to the feminine personality and that is how she has been since she can remember.

“For me, I never for one day felt like I was a guy, my thinking, my actions… I was in a wrong body and could not take it anymore being a guy” she stated

Although homosexuality is perceived as a taboo in the African society, Khloe says that her family members eventually came to terms with her decision but initially some of her relatives used to associate her feminine behavior with being demonically possessed.

Speaking on her dating life, Khloe recalls having been a ‘hotcake’ in high school which led her to be suspended from school after she was caught making out with one of the male students.

To emphasize how many homosexuals are still in closeted in Kenya, she reveals how she once dated a married man who even divorced his wife to be with her.  She, however, says that their relationship did not last but they still keep in touch.

The flamboyant businesswoman currently works as an entertainment promoter and entrepreneur who plans on venturing into the cosmetic business by launching her lipline.

Her advice to other gay people who want to come out is that they should never rush it and be patient with the process since they are at risk of being disowned or ending up in the streets; if their families are not liberal or understanding.