Kenyan Scholar Beats 26 Global Contestants To Win WTO Award


A Kenyan scholar Socrates Majune has made the nation proud after he emerged winner in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) 2020 Awards.

According to a report by Nation Africa, Majune, 30, was contesting for this award alongside 26 others who were nominated from different parts of the globe.

With this year’s theme focusing on the effects of Covid-19 on trade and trade policy around the world, Majune’s policy paper on international trade emerged the best.

In his research titled The Effect of Lockdown Policies on International Trade Flows from Developing Countries: Event Study Evidence from Kenya analyzed the impact of lockdown measures on the country’s import and export business with its trading partners.

Majune made an assessment of how the economy was affected by analyzing several products, supplies, imports and export patterns between July 2019- June 2020.

In what may come off as a coincidence, the scholar who is a tutorial fellow at the University of Nairobi’s School of Economics was working on a paper on the same topic when WTO announced the competition.

His entry into this competition has seen him not just earn recognition for winning the award but also earned him Sh620,000 (5,000 Swiss Francs) which is part of the prize.

WTO economists and board members that were part of the panelists who analyzed his work were highly impressed by his outstanding submission.

Majune also made history through this win by becoming the inaugural winner of the 2020 Trade Economist Thematic Award, a new research-based competition.

Speaking in regard to this win, Majune expressed pride in being the inaugural winner of the award.

‘‘I’m deeply honored to be the first recipient of the award which emphasizes my deep interest in international trade. It’s also a statement about the quality of teaching and training in Kenyan and African universities,’’ he told Nation