Kenyan priest in Australia forced to surrender passport after allegedly stealing KSh100,000 from charity


A junior Catholic priest in the Ballina parish in Australia accused of stealing charity money from the Diocese of Lismorehas been forced to surrender his passport under police imposed bail conditions.

According to Daily Mail, Father Alexander Mutua Munyao is accused of stealing  Ksh 103,749.94 (US$1000) from the Lismore Diocese in northern New South Wales.

He has been charged with stealing Ksh 28,012 (US$270) between November and June this year, and another Ksh 90, 262 (US$870) in July – with both amounts adding up to Ksh 118, 274 (US$1,140).

Munyao remains on bail and has been ordered to surrender his passport.

However, police imposed bail conditions on Munyao taking into account his “few community ties and no family ties in Australia”, and the strength of the prosecution case.

“The accused has made admissions,” police bail papers noted.

Under the conditions Munyao was required to surrender his passport and comply with a curfew.

His case was adjourned until November 30.