The Kenyan Policeman Everybody is Calling a Hero.


“Even though my wife was shocked, I am really happy with what I did.”

These were the words of AP Constable Joash Ombati who chased two armed robbers and recovered Sh400,000.

On Wednesday at around 1340 hours, around Westland area, he saw a man being thrown out of a moving vehicle shouting “wezi wezi!”

He decided to help the man. He took a taxi and gave the vehicle a chase, and luckily intercepting the vehicle at the junction of Westlands and Mpaka Road.

Constable Ombati successfully recovered Kshs. 400,000, a vehicle KBJ 614J Toyota NZE white in color and arrested two suspects: Sameer Abdulaziz Kassim and Peter Kavoi Musili

“I’m happy because I helped a Kenyan…This is a blessing to me. Whenever I do such deeds I feel very satisfied. What if the thieves stole from this man?” Ombati asked.

In an interview with the Star, Constable Ombati said being a great policeman to the people is one of his prayer points.

“If I could have ignored the thieves, then it means that I’m being paid to do zero work? In that case, I should just leave my work and go home and look after cows,” he said.