Kenyan Photographer Based In US Urges Kenyan Media Personalities Not To Take Mass Firing Personal


A Kenyan photographer George Mulala who is currently based in Seattle Washington has shared a message of encouragement to media personalities who recently lost their jobs as a result of mass firing.

Some of the media houses in Kenya that have sent a number of their employees’ home are K24 and Royal Media Services who laid them off citing redundancy.

In a publication on business today, Mulala narrated his personal experience on how losing his photojournalism job at Reuters almost broke his spirit but equally served as a lesson in his career.

“I learned that sometimes to get rid of you, the employer can kick you out so hard it breaks your spirit. And they don’t care. Reuters almost broke mine.” He stated

George Mulala

According to Mulala, most people associate getting fired with rejection or underperformance but this is never the case. The veteran journalist believes that it might as well mean that the employer cannot afford you.

Some of the major lessons he learnt are that firing is never personal and employees should never get too attached to their jobs at the expense of their joy or family time.

“I learned that companies are not people. I learned never to sacrifice the joy of my family to please the employer.

“ Employers come and go, you have but one family. When your employer must fire you, nothing, not even those sacrifices that made you neglect your family, will mitigate.” He wrote

He also warned that people should always be on the lookout for other opportunities instead of getting too comfortable in companies that employ them.

Apart from his contributing role at Reuters which came to an end in 2002, Mulala also worked under Nation Media Group and The standard before he quit in 2015.

The award-winning photojournalist currently works as a non-profits photographer in the US and has been helping organizations build their brands.

Despite the challenges he encountered in the line of his career, Mulala believes that he is still a skilled photojournalist and, in the future, he plans on making a comeback in the media industry as an employer.

Read his full message on this link