Kenyan man starts war of words after calling Nigerian women ugly, Kenyan ladies loose( video) 


Seems like the perennial rivalry between Kenyans and Nigerians has just escalated to another level.

While just the other day Andrew Kibe was just a random guy, things seems to have changed now after he started sharing relationship advice on his Facebook wall.

The advises, however, have been stinging many.

Not once has he caused an uproar on social media after giving his views on how men and women should behave in relationships.

His recent share has not only annoyed two genders but also two countries after he claimed Kenyan women are pretty but easy to bed when one has money a reason why Nigerian men are flocking to Kenya.

He further added that Nigerian women are ugly and no one wants them, another reason why their men are in Kenya.

The video has sparked a flurry of comments which has seen both parties attack the controversial man.

Watch the video and visit the comments: