Kenyan Lady Who Contracted Coronavirus In UK Narrates Her Experience


A Kenyan lady based in London has narrated her experience after she tested positive for Coronavirus.

The radio presenter Myra Anubi revealed that both she and her mother-in-law tested positive days after hosting a relative who was suspected to have the virus.

Anubi who lives together with her mother in law, husband and two children says that her worst fear is her two children getting infected by the virus.

The journalist also opened up about the symptoms she manifested before getting a test which confirmed she had the virus.

“It started with a deep cough and loss of appetite. A sore throat and excessive sweating that comes with a fever. I also experienced a headache and pain in tonsils.

“I thought my throat was swollen. The temperature was very high, I had weak joints and general body weakness almost similar to those experienced by malaria patients,” she stated

Despite testing positive for the virus, Anubi informed that her husband and children were fine but under 14-day quarantine as per the government’s policy.

Even in the midst of what seemed like her worst nightmare, the journalist expressed confidence in both the British and Kenyan government’s strategy to handle the outbreak.

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According to her, the major threat in tackling the virus is misinformation. In regard to what is currently happening in Kenya, Anubi shared her thoughts in line with people traveling to the village saying that people must be careful not to expose the elderly at home.

She also advised the public not to panic but ensure that they follow the preventive guidelines recommended by the health authorities.

“I would urge the public not to panic, like many others across the globe we can defeat this virus. Let everyone follow hygiene and other measures given out by Health authorities,” she said