Kenyan Lawyer To Work Alongside Former Denmark Prime Minister At Facebook


Top Kenyan lawyer who doubles up as a human rights activist; Maina Kiai is set to work alongside former Denmark Prime Minister after his appointment as a team player in a recently constructed board tasked with monitoring content on Facebook and Instagram.

Apart from the former prime minister, this appointment will serve him an opportunity to work together with A-list individuals including a Pulitzer prize-winning newspaper editor and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Kiai who currently writes for the Standard and is director of Global Alliances and Partnerships at Human Rights Watch, shared this news through a statement indicating that he is pleased to be part of the team.

“Pleased to announce I’m joining the Oversight Board, a new body to monitor content moderation for Facebook & Instagram.

“It’s an important step for compliance with business & HR norms, but it doesn’t supplant external accountability mechanisms,” reads statement in part

An Interview with Maina Kiai - ICNL

In this newly acquired role, the journalist will be working with other 19 individuals from different parts of the globe. The board will also have the power to decide on the kind of content that will be allowed on particular social media applications.

In the future, Facebook plans on expanding the board team to have 40 members. This move to construct a global board tasked with content moderation was specifically designed by the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with the aim of improving the apps content credibility.

Apart from this major achievement, Kiai is a renowned lawyer with a rich background in the media industry considering that he worked as a columnist for the Daily Nation before he resigned.