Kenyan Immigrants In Bahrain On The Spot Over Their Involvement In Illegal Activities


Kenyans living in Bahrain are now on the spot after the Kenyan Embassy issued a notice addressing the rise of cases of unlawful acts by Kenyans.

In the statement, the embassy gave a stern warning against participating in illegal activities with some being drunkenness and prostitution.

In the details captured in the notice, the attention of Bahrain authorities was caught by the number of Kenyan citizens who have been arrested due to unlawful acts.

Without stating the exact number of Kenyans who have so far been arrested over misconduct, the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Bahrain has been keen to update the embassy with information of Kenyan nationals caught on the wrong side of the law.

“The Embassy is concerned that of late, the cases of unlawful acts by Kenyans have become increasingly rampant further raising concerns with Bahrain authorities due to the high number of them in detentions, deportation centers and in government shelters”. reads the statement in part

Apart from drunkenness and prostitution, other illegal activities some of the Kenyans have been involved in in the past include; illegal sale of alcohol, fighting, and altercation in public, illegal massage parlors, house parties, lack of proper residence documentation and immigration offenses, high illicit pregnancy cases and changing employment with no regard to labour laws.

Far from the warning, the Embassy has encouraged Kenyans to observe the laws and regulations of the country to avoid arrest or even deportation.