Kenyan who Helped Raise Ksh 40 Million for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Victims Makes it to Top 40 Kenyan Women in USA


Retired president Barack Obama once said that “heroism is found not only on the fields of battle.” He further postulated that “heroism does not need special training or physical strength.” To Obama, we are surrounded by heroism. It is where you are right now, it is in your heart and in the hearts of many others just waiting to be summed.

Judy Nzeki, born in Kenya and now living in California has demonstrated that what Obama said were not mere words; that indeed Kenyans living a world away from home are heroes in their own right.

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Last year, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma brought widespread death and destruction to Texas and Florida. In fact, the two hurricanes were designated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to be among the top 5 costliest hurricanes in US history. While most of us waited for ‘others’ to go help or raise funds for those in need,  Judy decided to be part of the solution.

A former Face of Kenya USA (201/2017), Judy was among the first responders and through her fundraising efforts, she helped raise almost $400,000 (Ksh. 40 million). One may wonder how one woman could carry out such a great task. In an interview with African Warrior Magazine September-November edition, Judy noted: 

“Anything is possible if you put your mind and focus to it. If you build your brand right and connect with the right people and organizations, success is inevitable.”

Judy, who is among the Top 40 Kenyan Women in America Diaspora for 2018 as compiled by African Warrior Magazine has some inspiring words for us all:

“I  was lucky to get up close and personal with people who were severely affected by the hurricane. First, it taught me that you will never truly understand an experience until you personally go through it. Second, your age does not define the impact you can make in people’s lives. Lastly, no matter how young or old you are you can change a nation”

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Congratulations Judy. Truly deserve the nomination.

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