Kenyan government releases surprising reply for Trump’s “Shithole” comments, Kenyans not happy 


In a rather unexpected turn, Kenyan government has released a statement on U.S president Donald Trump’s obscene comments saying that it has no problem with what the controversial president said.

Government spokesman, Eric Kiraithe, on Thursday told journalists that Trump’s words were not directed to Kenya.

Trump called Africa and Haiti shithole countries a thing that caused outrage all over the world. Many African countries were angered by the comments and demanded an apology.

“The statement was not an official matter that, say, is related to the relationship with the government. We enjoy a cordial relationship.

“We are studying the context in which these statements were made and see whether it is worth the attention,”  Kiraithe said, adding that the statement was not government-to-government communication hence was not given much consideration.

Kenya is in the top three in countries receiving donations from the U.S. The comments were unexpected and directly opposite of what African Union said.

Some African nations like South Africa, Botswana and Nigeria summoned the US ambassadors over the remarks.

“The African Union Commission is frankly alarmed at statements by the President of the United States when referring to migrants of African countries and others in such contemptuous terms,” AU chairperson Moussa Faki, last week said through his spokesperson Ebba Kalondo.