Kenyan Based In Texas Given Life In Prison For Sexually Assaulting Patient With Dementia


Fifty Three (53) year old Kenyan Anthony Mamboleo Nyakeo of Fort Worth, Texas has been sentenced to life in prison for sexually assaulting a patient.

The victim, who suffered from dementia, died of Alzheimer’s disease months after the assaults at age 75, according to testimony.

The victim’s nephew, Michael Templin, who testified during the punishment phase of the trial, said he got a call from the administrator of the Grapevine nursing home where the woman lived on the night she was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital to be examined.

The administrator told him blood was found in her undergarment and that they needed his permission to have her examined, Templin testified.

“In case anyone was doing something they should not have been doing,” Templin said she told him.

Templin said he met her at the hospital and saw her lying in a gurney outside an exam room.

“She was petrified and in fear,” Templin said.

When she was frightened, her chin would tremble, Templin explained, waving his hands up and down in a fanlike motion. And that night, her chin was trembling violently, Templin said.

But the victim could not speak, could not move, and any fear that she might have felt was trapped inside, according to the prosecutors who tried the case.

“This defendant deserves to spend not a day less than life in prison,” Jordan Rolfe, Tarrant County prosecutor said. “Because that’s what you get when you rape a 74-year-old woman.”

During his trial, Nyakeo testified that someone must have planted his DNA from a used condom in the body of the victim.