Kenyan author publishes book about Diamond Platnumz’s success


A Kenyan author has written a motivational book on success based on Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz’s rise from rags to riches.

Motivational speaker Suleiman Ndoro has published a 110-page book dubbed “Success secrets from Diamond Platnumz” sharing the secret to success using Diamond Platnumz’s career that saw him grow from a typical struggling musician to the top artist in East Africa in just a few years.

He has been following his career since 2009, around the time Diamond started recording.

“It’s a motivational book that discusses the good things we can learn from Diamond Platnumz,” Ngoro said.

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Chapter titles include, ‘Education is not the key to success’, ‘Sing good songs’, ‘Believe in yourself’, ‘Avoid destructive criticism (people will always talk)’, ‘Change can’t into can’ and ‘Breakthrough takes time’.

Some Kenyans weren’t too happy about his work, protesting why he never took time to study Kenyan artists instead and write about them.

“Of course, there was some negative criticism. There was always the question, is Diamond really the right person? Why not talk about a musician from Kenya? Isn’t he an Illuminati?” Ndoro said.

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Success secrets from Diamond Platnumz becomes his 21st book. The young author has published 14 medical revision books and seven motivational books so far. He hopes that his new one will give him international recognition which will help him uplift others authors.

“I want to grow to an international level for both me and my business and also hold the hands of my fellow young people and light their candles,” the motivational writer said.