A Kenyan Immigrant in America Likely to be Single Compared to those from Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria


Kenyan men and women in the America Diaspora are more likely to be single, compared to those from Ethiopia, Ghana, or Nigeria. This is according to data from US. Census bureau reviewed by African Warrior Magazine.

The US census bureau data is based on ancestry, which it defines as the ethnic origin, descent, roots, heritage or place of birth of the person or of the person’s ancestors. According to estimates from 2017,  250,000 people claimed  Ethiopian ancestry, 138,000 claimed Kenyan ancestry, 164,000 claimed Ghanaian ancestry, while 345, 000 claimed Nigerian ancestry.

In terms of marital status, 36% of Kenyans living in America are registered as “never married” and a close second, is 33% of Ethiopians who are grouped as “never married.” Only 25% of Nigerians identify as single, with 28% of Ghanaians marking themselves as available!

In this group of countries, Kenyans are the least likely to be divorced, with only 7% being marked as divorcees. Ghana leads the way in divorce cases, with 12% of Ghanaians  in America reported as divorced.

Historically, data on marriages and divorces in the United States were collected from marriage and divorce certificates filed and collected at the state-level through the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) vital statistics system.

In 1996, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the NCHS discontinued the collection of detailed state-level vital records data from marriage and divorce certificates. Beginning in 2008, questions about marital events were added to the American Community Survey (ACS) to collect national and state-level marriage and divorce data. These new marital events items fill a void in the marriage and divorce data collected in the United States.

Are Kenyan men and women shying away from the responsibilities that come with marriage?

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In an interview with African Warrior Magazine, Peter Gishuru, who has lived in USA since 1963, notes the following:

“Most people come to America without having a plan for their lives, resulting in an unorganized day to day life of survival. The easiest job option that has the best pay is to care for the elderly in nursing homes. The African men find this job more difficult and unappealing. The women are doing the same job, but are enjoying it because they have the skills to do well. So the women often decide to take another job. For those already married, it results in the husband feeling inferior to his wife if she brings in most of the money, and the wife may feel entitled and resent the man for her superior skills.” According to Gishuru, this disintegrates many families and does not create a very good picture about marital life in America. After all, if you are on the outside looking in, you would not want to get into something that would give you stress!

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Why do you think Kenyan men and Women in America are opting to remain single?