Kenya Ranked 82nd On World Travel, Tourism Competitiveness Index


The World Economic Forum (WEF) has ranked the best countries for tourists in 2019. Kenya dropped two slots from 80th to 82nd for the year 2019.

The report measures travel and tourism competitiveness standards in 140 countries around the world and takes into account the policy frameworks developed by countries that contribute to sustainable development in the tourism sector, which in turn helps raise the competitiveness of countries.

Each country was given an overall score between 1 and 7.

Most of the countries that made the top 25 are in Europe, but Japan, the US, Australia, and Canada all made the top 10 too.

The countries were also ranked on various factors, and this is how Kenya fared:

  1. Enabling Environment: Kenya ranked 111 with a score of 4.1. This category was topped by Switzerland with a score of 6.2

2. Travel and Tourism policy enabling condition: Kenya scored 4.5 for a 68th global placing. New Zealand topped with a score of 5.1.

3. Infrastructure: United States topped the chart with a score of 5.8, Kenya placed 90th with a score of 3.0

4. Natural and Cultural Resources: China topped with 6.1 Kenya placed 42nd with 3.0

5. Business Environment: Hong Kong topped the list with a score of  6.1, Kenya 60th with 4.5

6. Safety and Security: Finland emerged top with a score of 6.7 while Kenya placed 119th with 4.6

7. Health and Hygiene: Austria was ranked first with a perfect score of 7.0, while Kenya placed 115th with a 3.4 score

8. Human Resources and Labor Market: United States came out on top with a score of 5.8, Kenya placed 79th with 4.4 score

9. ICT Readiness: Hong Kong placed top with a score of 6.6, Kenya placed 109th with a 3.5 score.

10. Prioritization of Travel & Tourism: Malta topped the list with a score of 6.2 while Kenya had a high 21st place showing with a score of  5.4

11. International Openness: New Zealand topped the list with a score of 5.5, Kenya placed 85th with a score of 3.0

12. Price Competitiveness; Iran placed first with a 6.7 score while Kenya placed 110th with a score of 4.9

13. Environmental Sustainability: Switzerland placed first with a score of 6.0 while Kenya placed 36th with a score of 4.5

14. Air Transport Infrastructure: Canada topped the list with a score of 6.6, Kenya held the 74th place with a score of 2.2

15. Ground and Port Infrastructure: Hong Kong topped the list with a score of 6.4 while Kenya ranked 69th with a 3.3 score

16. Tourist Service Infrastructure: Portugal leads the world with a score of 6.7, Kenya at number 103 with a score of 2.9

17. Natural Resources: Mexico is on top with a score of 6.0, Kenya 18th with a score of 4.5

18 Cultural Resources and Business Travel: China tops with a score of 7.0, Kenya ranked 84th with a score of 1.5