Kamene Goro: Why I Did Not Study In UK Despite Getting 3 Scholarships


Kenyan media personality Kamene Goro has revealed why she had to let go of 3 scholarships to study in the UK even though this would be viewed by many as a grand opportunity.

Speaking to Churchill, the Kiss FM radio presenter opened up about her education and career saying that she does not regret the decision to study in a local university over studying abroad.

After finishing her primary and secondary education at Rusinga school, Kamene agreed to pursue Law as advised by her father and it was at this point that she landed 3 chances to study in UK.

The media personality however says that this chance was cut short since her father opted that she studies in Kenya where she can also gain local experience.

She then joined the University of Nairobi; a move she describes as the best decision she made.

‘After choosing to do law I got three scholarships to go study in the UK but my dad turned them down. He was like ‘lazima uende UON.; looking back I think that was the best decision I ever made.” She stated

In regard to her experience in campus, Kamene says that there are great lessons she learnt and got to make friends while at it.

“Frankly speaking, if I did not go to the University of Nairobi I would still be very naive. It’s there that I made friends for a lifetime,” she stated

Even though she is a law graduate, Kamene built her career in the media industry to become among the most influential radio personalities in Kenya. Other than being a radio personality Kamene previously worked as a news anchor at Ebru TV.