Judge Grants Maribe Bail, Describes Jowie as “Slay Queen, Woman Eater”


TV journalist Jacque Maribe has been set free. Maribe was a suspect in the murder of Monica Kimani and has been released on bail.

Judge James Wakiaga stated that the prosecution could not convince the court that Maribe would use her influence to intimidate witnesses.

He further stated that Maribe needs to take care of her son during this period.

Justice James Wakiaga while denying Irungu bail also said he is a flight risk who is likely to abscond the jurisdiction of the court.

Wakiaga further stated Jowie did not have a place to reside and despite his family assuring the court that it would look for accommodation to house Jowie, they did not clearly state how they would do this.

“The picture that emerges from the prosecution’s evidence as set out herein above, and that the bail report of the accused, is that he is a male version of slay queen. Which for lack of better terminology, I will call a woman-eater,” Justice James Wakiaga said.

Maribe has been released on a Sh1 million cash bail and an alternative of a Sh2 million bond or three sureties of a similar amount.