Jubilee and President Uhuru Kenyatta Relied On Cambridge Analytica to Win Disputed Election


Did president Uhuru Kenyatta win the 2017 General Election fairly? Well, when the votes were counted, he had the majority. Those votes however, could have been influenced by the work of Cambridge Analytica

Mr. Kenyatta won re-election in October 2017 after two presidential votes. The first, in August, was nullified by the Supreme Court, which cited widespread irregularities and ordered a second election. His main challenger, Rail Odinga pulled out of the second vote, which was held in October, saying the process was unfair.

And now, Brexit Party MEP Alexandra Phillips has admitted she secretly worked for Cambridge Analytica on its controversial 2017 election campaign in Kenya.

Ms Phillips who is a prominent member of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party and former Head of Media for Ukip made the admission to Channel 4 News after initially strenuously denying any involvement with the disgraced data firm, and pressurising journalists to drop the story.

She backtracked only after Channel 4 News obtained a recording of an interview from 2017 in which she confirms she had been employed by Cambridge Analytica to work for Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In September 2017, Hillary Clinton first brought to the limelight the work of Cambridge Analytica in Kenya.  Speaking to US public radio host Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Airprogram about the 2016 American presidential election, Clinton said she was also probing what happened with Kenya’s election, and why the supreme court decided to call the election “invalid.” She said:

 “You know, the Kenya election was just overturned and really what’s interesting about that—and I hope somebody writes about it, Terry—the Kenyan election was also a project of Cambridge Analytica..”

In an article published by the Washington Post titled “How Cambridge Analytica poisoned Kenya’s democracy, BBC journalist Larry Madowo asserted that the company mined Kenyan voters’ data to help President Uhuru Kenyatta win disputed elections.