Jubilee politician claims ODM rival sacrificed a monkey to win in the August 8 elections 


Former Olposimoru MCA Wilson Masikonde claims the incumbent Kikaet Kuyo of seeking the aid of four wizards to clinch victory.

According to Masikonde, Kuyo a monkey was sacrificed and then it’s intestine spread to four polling stations to ensure that he doesn’t win.

Wilson Masikonde was contesting on a Jubilee ticket while Kikaet Kuyo clinched the seat on an ODM ticket.

The bizzare ritual did not end there, according to the former county assembly majority leader Masikonde.

“They tied the skin of the monkey on his (Kuyo’s) waist after which he started greeting and hugging voters. Mysteriously, all the voters who got in contact with him voted in his favor. The plan was to confuse voters,” he said.

He cited Olposimoru, Olemeisi, Shabaltarakwa, and Kamurar as the polling stations where the said witchcraft rituals were performed.

Masikonde also claimed that the move made even his die-hard supporters vote for Kuyo adding that a lorry that was ferrying several of them also mysteriously overturned, injuring seven people, some of whom were admitted to hospital.

“I woke up in the morning of August 4 only to realise my phone’s contact list was blank. As a result, I was unable to respond to urgent calls or get in touch with my supporters and agents,” he said in his affidavit.

The High Court in Narok is set to set the hearing date.