Jubilee Big Wigs Embarrass Themselves After Fighting In Church


Senator Kembi Gitura and his rival Irungu Kang’ata on Sunday exchanged harsh words over the outcome of the Jubilee nominations.

The two politicians accused each other of rigging in the concluded nominations which has been marred with irregularities.

Gitura claimed that the Kiharu MP had rigged in the primaries and was illegally declared the winner.

Kang’ata won the Jubilee Party ticket in the senate race after garnering 158,167 votes against Gitura’s 146,207 votes.

Gitura rejected the results and filled a petition asking the party to conduct fresh elections in Mathioya and Kiharu constituencies.

He claimed that his rival Kang’ata had found a loophole where voters whose names were missing in the register were allowed to vote.

“Several people used the loophole to vote at more than one polling station,” he said.

“May be it is my crusade against corruption that got me where I am but whether you vote me in as your senator or not I will detest corruption with my whole being.”

Kang’ata denied the allegations claiming that he lacks the resources to pull off what Gitura was accusing him of.

“I urge the party to dismiss that appeal and uphold my win. Surely, in a county where you are dealing with thousands of people, how many will you ferry to tilt an election,” he said. “It was a matter of development record and what I have done as the MP for Kiharu compared to what he had done when he was their MP.”