Joseph Irungu Kariuki had been banned from travelling to the United Arab Emirates


Prime suspect in the murder of slain Monica Nyawira Kimani, Joseph Irungu Kariuki also known as Jowie might have been banned from travelling to the United Arab Emirates information coming from the people close to the suspect.

Jowie who is in police custody is said to have been a frequent traveler to the Middle East nation with one of his girlfriend for holidays but the trend stopped after breaking up with the lover.

“Before he broke up with one of his girlfriends, Jowie would take her on vacation to the Middle East, where they obviously seemed to have a good time together but over time, though, the trips took a slump,” one of the friends said.

Jowie lived in Buru Buru Phase two Estate where he allowed very few people into his home and untill recently lived with a man called Mark Kaloki.

According to a female friend of the suspect who sought anonymity due to the magnitude of the case, Jowie is a very well composed man who you would never doubt or suspect unless you are a very close. He always carried a gun with him.

“He does not appear suspicious in any way unless you are very close to him. He always carries a gun, tucked under his jacket, I have seen him with a gun on at least two occasions,” she said.

Another friend said he has known Jowie for over a decade as bouncer working in the Middle East as he always has cash to spend on people and never seems to run broke. He is said to be a womanizer dating women for a short period and dumping them before moving to another one.

“I have known him for more than 10 years. We all knew he was working as a professional bouncer in the Middle East but did not go beyond that,” the friend noted.

Reports that are yet to be confirmed indicate that he might have been working for KBR, a unit of soldiers working the American government but are run by private security companies. KBR has been hit by scandals that range from bribery in Nigeria to sexual harassment of its female workers in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan, and in all areas where President George W Bush’s ‘War on Terror’ was taken after the 911 Al-Qaeda attack on New York.

It has also been accused of exposing its workers to “burn pits” in Afghanistan and Iraq, where human corpses, animal carcasses and tyres were burnt.