Jobless First Class Honors Graduate Lands Job in Nairobi After Appeal


Ruth Rono graduated with first class honors in Economics and Statistics in 2015, but with no job prospects, she had to move back to her village without any hope of ever getting a job.

That however, has changed. After her plight was highlighted through media, Ruth has been employed by Seven Meals Household Group based in Utawala, Nairobi.

According to a Facebook post by Charles Muriuki who works at the company, Ruth will start work as an intern as she slowly learns the ropes of the institution. Her job will officially commence on February, 7 2019, and the company plans to rent her a house within Nairobi where the promising graduate and her siblings will live.

The university leaver’s plight moved Kenyans after she narrated how she has to cater for her siblings living with disabilities. Their mum fell ill and had to relocate to Ruth’s grandmother’s home for special care. According to Baringo News, the girl’s father razed down their house during an argument and since then, life has been quite the challenge.

After graduation, the 27-year-old Ruth  tried a number of casual jobs in Nairobi County and never landed a well paying and permanent job.

Some months later, she had to leave for her home Lelbatai village after her father said to be a drunk razed down their only house following a disagreement between him and their mother.

Ruth had to spend all her savings on reconstructing their shelter and later took new role of a breadwinner after her mother fell ill and could no longer take care of the family.

Since then, she has been taking care of her younger sister who is disabled while at the same time seeking casual jobs to feed the family with two siblings in school.

Ruth had to sweep the house, fetch water and milks their only goat before preparing tea for the two siblings in school.

During the day she would be offered manual labour at neighbours’ farms to earn some money to afford at least their evening meal.