Janet Mbugua’s Bold Message to the Kenyan Embassy In China


Vocal media personality and human rights activist Janet Mbugua has sent a bold message to the Kenyan Embassy in China amid the reports that Africans are facing racial discrimination.

Her message was a response to a tweet by the Embassy which was informing citizens about the availability of COVID-19 documents that provide information about the virus as well as the latest updates.

In a tweet, the concerned media personality questioned why the embassy has remained silent in regard to the racism reports.

‘Why aren’t you decrying senseless attacks on our African brothers and sisters!??? Why!?’ she questioned

In addition to her complaint, Mbugua termed the embassy as an accomplice to racial discrimination for choosing not to speak about it.

“Your silence makes you an accomplice. I’ll say it several times… You are an accomplice. You agree with what’s happening coz you choose not to speak out on it. Speaking out doesn’t require protocol, your anger & humanity should compel you to” she added`

In regard to Kenyans being stranded and mistreated in China, the Kenyan government had assured citizens that they are working with the Chinese government to sort out the issue.

The Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Amb. Macharia Kamau on Wednesday stated that the situation had been exaggerated.

He also revealed that the Chinese government had apologized over the matter explaining that people might not know this since the apology was not made on social media.

“The Chinese government has apologized. Maybe the reason why this hasn’t been known is because they haven’t apologized on social media. Chinese govt is not known to do things on social media. Maybe I’d advise them to apologize again and maybe louder,” said Amb. Macharia.

In a recent statement by the Kenyan Embassy in Beijing, the government has maintained that it will only evacuate Kenyans who are free of COVID-19 and at their own cost.