Inside Upcoming ‘Wakanda City’ In Ghana That Will Be A Pilgrimage For Africans [Details]


Ghana is set to be a destination for a number of Africans with an interest in learning about their history and culture following the latest developments of plans that are underway to build a ‘Wakanda City’.

This comes after Cape Coast officials signed an agreement with the Africa Diaspora Development Institute (ADDI) and two local companies to create the ultramodern city which will be named “Wakanda One”.

Borrowing the inspiration from the famed film ‘Black Panther’, what the officials seek to achieve from this project is for those with African roots can tour in the quest of finding meaning to their background and beyond culture be aware of the civilization of Africa, and its role in the creation of the new world economy.

In a detailed explanation of the outlined structure, the 5-phased project will include a one thousand-bed teaching hospital, a university and technical college, five-star hotels and resorts, a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, parks and green space, a shopping center, roads that are ready to support self-driving electric cars, and more.

Beyond allowing those with African roots to connect with their background, the project will serve as a source of employment with approximately 3000 job offers in Cape Coast.

According to the team behind this masterpiece of a project, their intention is for the city to be a game-changer and debunk the misconceptions about Africa.

“The African Diaspora is committed to change the African narrative and strongly feel that a united African Diaspora can bring the capacity that is needed to move Africa to its rightful place on the world stage,” the city’s project team released in a statement.