In a Country Where Human Rights Defenders Live In Constant Danger, You Can Be The Change


In May and August 2018, Human Rights Watch documented incidents of harassment, intimidation, and other abuses against at least 35 activists.The report further painted a desolate picture of the environment  human rights activists have to endure in Kenya. In many cases, activists are arrested or detained in connection with their activism, then released without being charged. Security forces have broken up protests; restricted public meetings; and threatened, arrested, and prosecuted activists on various charges.

There is a toll on this denigrating and dehumanizing treatment takes on the lives of human rights defenders; their families live in constant fear of their loved ones being taken out because of what they stand for, it is a sacrifice these defenders are willing to make for the sake of vast majority in society.

The National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders-Kenya (NCHRD-K) was established to support human rights defenders facing such afore-mentioned dangers so that they continue doing their work. NCHRD-K (now the Defenders Coalition-Kenya) offers critical interventions to defenders at risk through emergency response, protection, relocation, skills and knowledge development to do human rights work and to advocate for a conducive legal policy environment for defenders.

Defenders Coalition has touched the lives of thousands of HRDs throughout Kenya. Supporting HRDs comes with immense financial implications. To date, Defenders Coalition has depended on donor support, volunteers and in-kind contributions. This has been invaluable. In order to effectively serve the country, Defenders Coalition sees to diversify its funding sources for sustainability.

In order to raise funds, Defenders Coalition has established the Climb for Justice!” campaign. The highlight of the Climb for Justice! campaign is  a 5-day adventure by human rights defenders, their friends and family to climb Kenya’s tallest mountain, Mount Kenya. The goal here is to raise Ksh 50,million ($500,000) for establishing a center of excellence that will advance and expand human rights for all Kenyans.

You can help Defenders Coalition achieve this objective by registering to be part of the Kenyans who will climb mount Kenya. You can also donate this noble cause as explained below