“If I Knew My Daughter Was Going To an Unsafe Country, I Would Have Stopped Her” Woman Whose Daughter Died In Saudi Arabia Asks Government To Intervene


A 70-year-old woman whose daughter died in Saudi Arabia on December 26, 2020, is now pleading with the government to help repatriate her body so as to give her a proper send-off.

Speaking to Nation Africa, the mother of 6, Ms. Esther Kasavuli narrated how the loss of her daughter has caused her grief and sleepless nights and she will not be at peace until she buries her.

Her daughter Alice Kagea had been working in Saudi Arabia since 2019 when she traveled in search of greener pastures. Before she met her death, she had worked as a house help and later a driver.

After receiving a report revealing that her daughter was admitted to hospital before she died, Ms. Kasavuli questioned the narrative as she believes that her daughter was in good health.

“She has never been admitted to hospital since I gave birth to her. This theory that she fell sick and died in a hospital is not convincing to me.

“I only know of a travel agent called Alice. She is the person who informed us of her death through a telephone call. However, she did not tell me what killed my daughter, only saying she died in a hospital in Saudi Arabia where she was admitted for treatment,” she said

The mother also added that her daughter’s death is a big blow to the family since she brought so much hope, joy and supported them financially.

“Why should my daughter die at the peak of her career and leave me grieving? I can’t find sleep without taking sleeping pills at night.

“She was my only hope. She had indicated that she will construct for me a decent house after working for two years,” she stated

To emphasize how the family has been going through a difficult time, Kagea’s elder sister revealed that they have been mourning since they received the news and their hope is that the government will help them transport their Kin’s body.

Kagea’s daughter Maureen also mentioned how disturbed she has been since she received the news. Her mother had big dreams and made several promises which she was yet to fulfill.

Ms. Kasavuli who described her late daughter as lively and hardworking also seemingly hinted that she regrets allowing her daughter to travel to the foreign country.

“If I knew my daughter was going to an unsafe country, I would have prevailed upon her to drop the trip,” she mentioned

Speaking on their frustration, the family also added that their efforts to follow up on the matter through the Saudi Arabia Embassy have not been successful neither have they received any communication from government officials as well as the agency.

Their only hope is that the government will intervene so that they can lay their kin to rest at her homeland.