I Was Introduced To Prostitution.. I Believed I Would Die In America – Mercy Atis


A Kenyan Singer Mercy Atis has yet again opened up about the trouble and misfortunes she went through while in America before she was eventually deported to Kenya. Expressing her disbelief at how life turned out for her,  Mercy says she had never thought that she would live to tell her story.

“I honestly never knew that I would be the one who would live to tell my story.I believed I would die in America. I would plan my funeral and see my body being transported home” she stated

In a recent interview, Atis who had previously narrated part of her story after her song ‘I don’t wanna know’ went viral revealed how being in a desperate situation led her to prostitution.

The upcoming music had traveled to the US to further her studies but was forced to drop out since she was not able to raise the tuition fee.

“In America, the tuition fees of a non-American student is triple that of a normal citizen in America. On my part I couldn’t afford it so I ended up dropping out of school,” she revealed

Even though she managed to secure a job at a nursing home later, this took an unexpected turn after she lost her job and became homeless. It was this situation that Mercy says pushed her to agree to sign up for a stripping job after she learnt that once could make a lot of money from it.

“I met this guy who told me that I could make up to Ksh 40,000 per day through stripping in clubs in New Jersey. well I was determined to make more cash so I gave in to his demands.” she narrated

According to Mercy, despite the fact that she made good money, this job came with its own misfortunes.

While working as a stripper, the singer met another man who promised triple the amount she was making if she worked for him in Las Vegas. It was made clear to her that she was being introduced to high-end prostitution and with her eye fixed on the money, she was willing to do it.

However, after disappointing her boss by failing to return with over half a million Kenyan shillings from one of her clients, things turned ugly for her when her employer wanted to rape her.

“The client was supposed to pay me $5000 per shot which I was unable to accomplish the task on day one.

“When I went back home this guy abused me to a point, he wanted to rape me. at this point I was decided to sneak out and go back to California,” she added

In a previous interview, Mercy has also mentioned how she was raped several times, taken to jail after being falsely accused of arson, and later deported to Kenya.

Currently, the artist has been vocal in sharing her journey, experience and shifted her focus to music career.