“I Thought About Packing My Bags and Leaving,” German Woman In 10 Year Marriage With Maasai Man Shares Her Journey


When Stephanie Fuch’s got married to a Maasai man, it all seemed like a fairytale but over the years, the couple has had ups and downs and although the challenge of being from different backgrounds struck hard, the two have managed to keep their union alive and continue to inspire others in interracial relationships.

The mother of one; born and raised in Germany has been vocal in sharing her experience and how she managed to blend in with the Maasai community which is now her new home.

In a detailed post, Stephanie narrated how she met her husband Sokoine, fell in love, and eventually settled together. The couple met in Tanzanian in 2011 when Stephanie was working as a research assistant for a marine #conservation project and he was working as a security guard for a local dive centre.

Beyond being fascinated by the fact that the Maasai is one of the indigenous tribe, Stephanie says that she was drawn by Sokoine’s eyes, calmness, and confidence. A hint from a local friend would later convince her to talk to him after learning that he was equally interested in her.

As lovebirds, they received negative comments and although it was also quite difficult to blend in with the new community; there was always something that motivated her.

“I stayed even though it was very difficult to adapt to the culture because I fell in love with his family, tribe, culture, way of life, and everything” she stated


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Being from different backgrounds can pose a great challenge in marriage, but Stephanie says that their love is what keeps them afloat.

“In our relationship, there are things he does that other Maasai men do not do. I love him he loves me and we find a way of being together.

“My husband is very special as much as it was hard for me to adapt to this culture it was also hard for him to bring a white wife” she stated

Stephanie goes further to reveal that her journey has not been as rosy as people may think and she has had to fight to get where she is today.

“I had plenty of moments in the not too recent past where I thought about packing my bags and leaving. Maasai culture is patriarchal and it is one of the most difficult societies for #women to live in.

“I may be #European but I bowed to this #culture to make my marriage work and I tell you in all #honesty that not everyone can do it. ” she wrote in one of her posts


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What she likes most about the community is the fact that they connect with nature and have a sustainable way of living. Although she initially felt out of place for being different, Stephanie says that she made peace with her uniqueness.

Having lived with the Maasais for over 8 years now, Stephanie agrees that they are some aspects of their culture she differs with and has been directly involved in projects with the purpose of causing change.

Some of the projects she is known for include the sanitary kit project which has been beneficial to many who have been unable to access sanitary towels.


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On whether she sympathizes with the Maasai community in line with their way of life, Stephanie says she is more concerned about the fate of the planet considering how the modern lifestyle has made people disconnect with nature.