‘I Married a Stranger’ Kenya-Filipino Couple In An Arranged Marriage Share Their Experience


Elizabeth Muyu and Solomon Ebenezer got married in 2014 in a union that was organized by their parents. 6 years later, the couple narrates their courtship journey as well as their marriage experience. In a series of YouTube videos, the couple shares a story of how they met and ended up getting married as strangers who are now raising 3 children together.

Solomon’s Filipino parents were missionaries in Kenya and it is within this period that they became family friends to Liz’s parents ( Bishop  Charles & Catherine Muyu)

Although they both knew each other’s parents and siblings, the couple says that they had never really met until when Muyu’s family was once hosted in the Philippines during a vacation trip.

‘We ended up going to the Philippines for a family vacation. While there they would say I was the girl for Solomon and it would really upset me’ Liz said

The parents had already started the conversation around the two getting married but Liz says that she was not ready for it since she was dating a Kenyan man at that point. Things escalated and Liz was introduced to Solomon’s entire family as the betrothed.

On her return to Kenya, Liz broke things off with her Kenyan boyfriend and decided to give Solomon a chance although she was skeptical about the whole idea.

However, this did not last and Liz says that she wanted something more than just an arranged union. She desired to be pursued and this was the reason she ended her relationship with Solomon who was still persistent at this point.

“I was really shocked, at that time we were not really emotionally invested yet but I knew this was going to be the arrangement but here is the bride flying away” Solomon said

PHOTO/COURTESY Liz Muyu Instagram

The parents also tried to intervene but Liz stood her ground and even set standards on the kind of man she wanted. Many pursued her but none met her standards. Liz recalls how she was forced to unblock Solomon from social media platforms after she started feeling that he was not a bad choice for a partner.

On his part, Solomon says that his parents encouraged him to try pursuing Liz one last time and as a result of this, the two got engaged.

Even though Liz said yes to the engagement she reveals that she only said it so that she would not embarrass Solomon since he proposed in the presence of her family. Her plan was to cancel the engagement but her brother talked her out of it and the couple got married in Manila, Philippines months later.


Although they barely knew each other, Liz and Solomon made their relationship intentional, and years down the line, they both agree that they are in a happy marriage.