I Live in Calabasas; Same Neighbourhood With Chris Brown- Lovy Shocks Kenyans


When Lovy Longomba & his brother Christian Longomba left the country 16 years ago, their dream was to build a fortune in America and speaking on how life has been ever since, Lovy says that together with his brother they managed to achieve that and even more.

In a recent interview following Christian Longomba’s demise, Lovy who travelled to Kenya in honour of his brother opened up about his career since they relocated revealing that he now lives in one of the most luxurious cities in the US where top celebrities reside.

Lovy who is based in Calabasas says that he stays in the same neighbourhood with Chris Brown, Kanye West and Akon.  He also mentioned how Akon is a frequent visitor at his home since he lives 5 minutes away from his house.

“I live in Los Angeles Calabasas, it is the same area where Kanye West, Akon and Chris Brown live. It is a very nice place. Malibu beach is 10 minutes away from where I live.” he stated

Lovy who is now a prophet also revealed that he bought a church property worth $8 million dollar (874 Million Kenyan shillings).

On whether he acquired this wealth through the church business, Lovy stated that he has other businesses and has invested in the education sector as well as real estate business and charity works.

“Last year, I spent $1 million just to help the community. Life is about giving back and it doesn’t make sense when you sleep comfortably in a blanket knowing  that someone else lacks that is not the gospel that is witchcraft” he stated

Responding to fans who wish to see him make a comeback in the music scene, Lovy says that the loss of his brother hit him so hard and does not see how he can possibly take that path as a single artist.

While his brother was battling with ailment, Lovy says he focused on music production and managed to produce songs for American A list artists like Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Chris Brown among others.

Other of his achievements in the music scene include being nominated for Grammy awards thrice.