I Left America To Become A Farmer In Kenya – Meet Florida Born Man Who Now Owns 20 Acres Of Land In Kenya


Despite having been born and raised in Miami Florida, Kunga Kiko Hia is a strong believer that everyone has a place to call home and Kenya is that for him.

In a candid interview with a Ghanaian Youtuber Wode Maya, Kunga takes us through his journey, how he left America for Kenya, and is currently a successful farmer in his 20 Acre land located in central Kenya.

When he came to Kenya around 2015, his plan was to stay for about three weeks but this is what birthed the decision to permanently relocate to Kenya.

“Once I got back home, I realized what had happened in America 25 years ago is starting to happen in the African continent which is the rise of lifestyle diseases.

“One of the reasons that made me come back home was I had achieved a certain measure of financial success but I was unhappy, unhealthy. I decided to come back to nature” he stated

Although his decision to settle in Kenya and leaving a first world country which many would consider a place of more privilege, Kunga is proud of the choices he made and is proud of his African heritage.

According to him, even the notion that farmers are poor did not stop him from pursuing his ambition and has since offered employment to others and is equally pleased by the fact that he is part of the food production process.

On his farm, Kunga plants maize, vegetables, coffee, avocado fruits among other plants which beyond his passion generate a source of income.

“Nothing great was ever accomplished by someone who wasn’t called crazy. Being raised in Florida is home but at a particular point in time, I realized every human being on the face of this earth has a place they call home.

No matter where you travel or where you may be born, for me Kenya, Africa, was, is and will always be home” he stated

His return to Kenya led to the birth of a movement dubbed ‘back to nature movement’ which was aimed at drawing people away from junk and processed food to a more healthy lifestyle.

In regard to his experience as a farmer in Africa, Kunga describes it as a worth it experience

“There is nothing more rewarding than getting your feet dirty, connecting to the soil, this soil is what gives us food.

“African soil is sacred soil and farming in Africa is a beautiful thing getting close to nature is something wonderful and when you can do it sustainably and profitably.”

Through his farm, he has managed to not just employ the residents but also help them cater to their families needs

His message to other Africans based in Diaspora is that to keep from feeling disadvantaged in a foreign land one has to be proud of their African roots in order to discover their full potential.

“To those of African ancestry, we have an African civilization inheritance which has been disinherited from us. Part of claiming that heritage is repatriating mentally, psychologically eventually physically.”he concluded