A Diaspora Husband abandons wife and 3 kids in Kenya after tricking them they were visiting home


A popular group social media group comprising Kenyan women living in America and Canada Diaspora called KWITU is currently trying to raise funds for one of their members who was left behind in Kenya by her husband after tricking her they were going for a vacation.

KWITU recently set up a Go fund me account for Susan Mwangi and her three kids after her husband sneaked out of Kenya leaving them behind.

KWITU focuses on connecting, supporting and empowering Kenyan women living in the United States and Canada

It also provides opportunities for Kenyan women in the US to connect via our social media platforms, workshops, net-working meetups, cultural events and our annual Grand Reunion.

In the Go fund me account, they explained what transpired:

“Kwitu Ladies, as you all know what predicament happened to one of our sister,   who was abandoned by her spouse back home in Kenya after going home for a family vacation with the kids.She and her 3 children were left behind unawares and are still stuck in Kenya and in desperate need of financial support.

“On behalf of my myself and all Kwitu colleagues, we are pleading with you for monetary assistance to enable her and kids return to the USA to continue with life smoothly.”