How Popular Kenyan Musician Abandoned His Wife, Four Kids After Travelling To America


Getting a visa and travelling abroad always seems like a dream come true for many individuals and while this may be one of the things to celebrate about, Ann Shiko who is a wife to popular Akorino singer Allan Aaron would be quite hesitant to agree to this.

The mother of 4 has in a recent interview revealed how a trip to America made her lose her marriage after her husband abandoned her with their children.

While speaking to Kenya Diaspora Media, Allan’s wife says trouble ensued in her marriage after her husband travelled abroad.

“He was very okay when he was leaving but after a few months, he started being too busy for me. When I call he doesn’t pick my calls nor respond to my messages.

He stopped talking to us his family and even blocked me on the phone and social media.” she explained

According to Shiko, her husband vowed to help her grow her business in Nairobi but this never happened and she ended up struggling to raise their children.

After cutting off communication for months, Shiko next saw her husband during a burial when one of their US-based friend lost a brother.

The artist’s wife says it was quite unexpected for her to see her husband in the country yet he had not informed her that he was travelling. She only learnt that he would be in attendance after one of their friends mentioned.

“I met some of his musician friends in the burial and I told them that he was doing so well in America without knowing that he would be in that funeral.

“Even my dad who attended the burial knew everything was okay but deep inside me, I was struggling. I had shut down our small business and my kids were not doing so well since he had stopped supporting us,” she revealed

Despite having spotted him at the burial, Shiko did not get the chance to speak with him since she felt uneasy and decided to walk away.

At the burial, Allan had been accompanied by his parents and siblings and it was at this point that Shiko knew that things were terribly wrong.

With the hope that her husband would pass by their home, Shiko says that she prepared her children for his homecoming and even made a meal only for him not to show up.

“I had even prepared my kids that their dad was coming. I cooked food for him only for us to feast alone without him.”

“I did not call him but I called his dad to ask him to request Allan to send money for his children.” she narrated

To their shock, Allan came home two weeks later to pick his belongings without even saying a word to her.

“He did not even greet me but went straight to the bedroom and started packing his clothes. He also unmounted the television, leaving the children so stranded.”

The musician then informed her that he had ended their relationship before storming out of the house.