How Kenya’s Boni Njenga Performed In Hennepin County Commissioner Elections


Kenya’s Boni Njenga who was among the candidates vying for a position in the Hennepin County Board of Commissioner, District 5 has conceded defeat after garnering over 20,000 votes in the elections.

Taking to his social media page, Njenga congratulated the formidable Incumbent Hennepin County Commissioner-elect Debbie Goettel as he admitted that his results were far from what he expected.

“We didn’t get the results we anticipated. In Swahili we say “asiye kubali kushindwa si mshindani” – A person who does not accept defeat is not a competitor.” he stated

Njenga however gave thanks to his supporters and those who turned up to vote for him agreeing that although his numbers did not meet his target, it still counts as a major achievement.

“Never in a million years, did I foresee a young man from Naivasha, Kenya contesting in US elections. We got over 20,000 votes, that’s overwhelming just to think of it.

“Thank you district 5 (Bloomington, Richfield & Eden Prairie), it was truly an honor and privilege. Thank you to everyone for their support, contributions, and time.” he wrote

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During the campaign stage, Njenga who ran his campaign on social media as a result of the COVID-19 impact had expressed confidence despite it being a tough race.

In his statement, he described his opponent Debbie Goettel as impressively outstanding but was still up for the task.

Some of the challenges he had addressed in his campaign include Opioid crisis, homelessness, lack of public safety, racial disparities and tax levy increases with no accountability and transparency on spending.

I just gave to Boni Njenga campaign, have you?

Mr Njenga who has lived has and worked in Hennepin County for the last nine years had also made his intention clear that he will be dedicated towards advocacy of the rights of all residents.

Other issues outlined in his manifesto included creating community wealth, closing achievement gaps, children protective services, safe and affordable housing, and improving the quality of life for all residents.

Apart from Njenga, other Kenyans who vied for positions in the 2020 US elections but did not win include Janet Kitui, Henry Momanyi, and Ukasha Dakane.