How Kenyan Man Lost His Career In The US Army After A Near Death Experience



Serving in the US Army was a career he worked so hard for and Cyprian Ondieki reveals that he was so passionate about his job. However, this was cut short after an attack by an unknown gang left him in a coma for months.

In a candid interview, Ondieki who is based in Minnesota tells a story of success in joining the army, the challenges, and hardships that he encountered during the training and after he made it through the process.

At the age of 19, the Kenyan born relocated to the US to join his father who had been living there for a while. According to Ondieki, he had such high expectations as he thought that living in the US would be a direct ticket to richness. With time, he learnt that the perception he had was just but a Hollywood dream.


Speaking on his journey into joining the army, Ondieki says that he made the decision to take that path after he was unable to continue with his studies. Like some of the Kenyans who go abroad, he says all he thought of is how he would make money.

‘I used to take student loans and travel to Kenya but in the second semester I could not continue with my studies and therefore I decided to join the army,’ he said.

Although the training was quite tough, Ondieki says he was so determined and upon graduating, he was stationed in New York in a small region bordering Canada where he served as a mechanic and team leader.


In 2017, Ondieki was attacked after he went out to a party at a club with friends; only for him to wake up from a coma 2 months later. Speaking to RN Media, he says that he fell victim to a ‘gang initiation attack’ whereby a group of thugs attacks random people to prove that they can be part of the team.

“I happened to at the wrong place at the wrong time. It could have been anybody but I guess they chose me” he said

On the night of the unfortunate incident, Ondieki says his friend saw the thugs attacking him and called for help then managed to confront the gang and rescue him. He reveals how the doctors thought he would not survive since he was badly injured and in a pool of blood by the time he was rescued.

On waking up months later, Ondieki underwent therapy for quite some time before he could start recovering. For about 6 months, he was on a wheelchair and had nursing assistants who took care of him.

‘I think the doctors and nurses lied to me. They told me I would be normal and I tried to work hard because I wanted to get better and go back to the army” he stated


He later went to the warrior transition unit, where injured soldiers go to recuperate with the hope that he will get back on his feet. Things got worse when he started having uncontrollable tremors and he was medically retired.

The attack did not just force him to retire from his job but Ondieki says he lost many of his friends and this experience was an eye-opener for him.

Despite going through such a terrible experience, the father of one says that his child is his source of encouragement and what keeps him going.