Horror As Kenyas’s Biggest Ferry With Hundreds Of Commuters Is Pushed Into The Deep Sea (Video)


After months of droughts that ravaged most parts of the country and left immeasurable devastation and despondency, the rains are back and that so far has proved not to be such a good thing.

In the coast region, things have turned chaotic as floods continue to wreck havoc.

Thousands of commuters were on the morning of Tuesday, May 9 stranded on Kenya’s biggest ferry, the MV Nyayo after it developed mechanical problems and was pushed drifting to wards the deep end.

The incident left many sacred before the machines was towed back. The Kenya Ferry Services blamed the heavy rains experienced the past few day.

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“To all our customers, beware the sea is very rough, heavy currents experienced due to heavy rains. Landings are rough and tricky. Be vigilant”, the Kenya Ferry Services Tweeted.

The ferry services were suspended for three hours or until the tempest at sea quietens down.

Watch the video below: