Have Sex Everywhere- In The Car, Kitchen- To Spice Up Marriage; Kenyan Pastor Pleads With Congregants


Pastor Susan Munene of Overcome Ministries in Kasarani took on a subject that she probably did not anticipate would leave congregants and Kenyans in stitches.

It is not often that preachers talk about sex, and more so the manner in which Pastor Susan handled the subject.

A video doing rounds in the internet has the the pastor on the podium during a couple’s seminar held in church, pontificating that the best way to keep the marriage spark alive is by having sex any day, anytime and anywhere. She went on to admit that she and the husband do it in the car or even in the kitchen.

Comparing sex to a game, the pastor noted that sex is the only game that is created while all other games-soccer, rugby are a creation of man.

The pastor has left an imagination in all Kenyans; has she probably done the act in an elevator, in a parking lot somewhere in town, or even in the coffee plantations!

Pastor Sue is now the proud inventor of the phrase “Twa Twa..”