Happy Thanksgiving! An Inspiring Story That Reconnects us All!


The story of Thanksgiving goes back to October 3rd, 1863 when president Abraham Lincoln signed the official proclamation setting aside the last Thursday in November as a “Day of Thanksgiving and Praise.”

Meanwhile, that fall, an ambitious American citizen sent a live turkey to the White House to be part of the Lincoln family’s Thanksgiving dinner.  Only that he did not know what he had just started! Lincoln’s youngest son, Tad, who was 10 years old at the time, bonded with the large bird.  In addition to naming him Jack, Tad thought of the turkey as a pet and taught it to follow him around the White House grounds and to play games with him.

When Tad learned that Jack was to be killed and cooked for a holiday meal, the boy was naturally very upset.  He interrupted his father at a Cabinet meeting, crying and pleading that his new friend be spared.  President Lincoln had a soft spot for his rambunctious son and delayed the Cabinet meeting long enough to write out “an order of reprieve” for the turkey.  Tad rushed the order with him to the kitchen and proudly presented it to the “executioner,” the White House chef.

At African Warrior Magazine, we are thankful for making us the most read Diaspora publication. We always strive to publish fresh, cutting edge content highlighting challenges and victories of the community of Kenyans living abroad, that are always downplayed by mainstream media.

As you devour the turkey and reconnect with old friends and family, spare a moment to discuss the upcoming Quarterly edition of the African Warrior Magazine which will carry the  “2018 Most Inspiring 40 Kenyan Men in America Diaspora.”