Group In US Promises To Make Sure Raila Will Win By 10 A.M


A group based in the US has promised to push Raila Odinga for presidency.

The group, based in the diaspora calling itself the Coalition of NASA in the Diaspora, has vowed to ensure the NASA Coalition Team win by 10 A.M in the August 8 polls.

The team, which has the it’s Secretariat based in Minnesota, has already released a few adverts on TV hoping to rally up as many Kenyans as possible who can help them push the ousting of Uhuru.

They said these elections mean a lot and they want to be part of group that will help change things.

They are calling upon all Kenyans to vote wisely and peacefully in the forthcoming general election of August 2017.

Watch the video below to hear what they had to say: