Governor Sonko in trouble for turning CBD into hawkers’ sanctuary 


Newly-elected Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is on the receiving end of residents for failing to clean up the city as he had promised in his campaign pledges.

Nairobians have a heap of bones to pick with the Jubilee county boss for failing to keep hawkers out of the Central Business District (CBD).

The traders are the reason for congestion and filth in the city as well as creating an environment for crime to thrive.

Sonko had promised among other things, to end the hawkers and garbage problems and also end the nagging traffic congestion but nothing seems to be happening three months down the line.


Although he hit the ground running and the garbage disappeared for, well, at most two weeks, it seems the initiative has loss steam and the eyesore that is the mountains of garbage within and without the CBD, is back.