Government warns 7-year-old rapper of jail term if he doesn’t drop music career 


Fresh kid UG, probably the youngest rapper in East Africa, has been threatened with a jail term if he doesn’t stop doing music and focus on school.

The Ugandan rapper has been pushing his image lately and doing a lot of shows. In the process, he has been missing school and the government isn’t happy at all.

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Uganda’s Minister for Youth and Children Affairs, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, has ordered the young kid identified as Patrick Ssenyonjo, to stop performing because it’s against the labor laws in the country.

Fresh kid UG wasn’t also pleased with government’s threats, taking to instagram to say he’s only trying making a living and escape poverty.

“Am called Fresh kid UG, I came in music industry to build my future not to replace any other artist as rumours say. Am a young determined boy i know what i want that’s why i go to school everyday,” said Fresh Kid. 

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“Many are telling me to stay in school only and leave music but who is ready to pay for my school fees if i don’t look for it????????Let’s think big….Sometimes we do what we do coz of the situation we are in. “LEAVE ME ALONE” Wamma thank u Fans for the love you’re showing me.”

But to according to the kid’s manager, Fresh Kid doesn’t get paid therefore the authorities can’t arrest them. In an interview with BBC the manager said the rapper only performs on weekends and has only had two shows since the start of 2019.

“I discovered him in a rural village miming some songs, brought him to the city and started paying his school fees,” he said.