Government set to tax people having dogs and cats


With the already sky-rocketed fuel prices in the country continue to make life harder for Kenyans, Mombasa County residents especially those keeping animals are facing another looming crisis if the county government implements a proposal to charge farmers for keeping animals.

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Joho’s government is proposing a sh1000 per head annually for cattle and camels, sh200 per head for sheep, goat, dog and cat per year. For farmers who are having over 200 birds in their farms will part with sh100 for each bard while those rearing under 200 birds will pay sh200 for each poultry.

The tax burden proposed by the county government has received a lot of opposition from the residents terming it as worsening already a worse situation making life unbearable for the common citizen who are facing very difficult times.

Some residents are now calling upon Governor Hassan Joho to reconsider this move terming it ironical since the county boss has been vocal on calling upon the President to revoke the 16 per cent VAT levied on petroleum product that took effect on September 1.

“The governor is not sincere, how does he remove a speck from his brother’s eye while his eyes glitter with the same material?” wondered John Gunga, a goat farmer from the region. 

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County executive in charge of Agriculture Hassan Mwamtoa on Monday asked the residents to avail themselves to the County Assembly to make their contributions during public participation hearing in regards to the matter.

President Uhuru Kenyatta who returned back into the country on Sunday is expected to address the 16 per cent fuel VAT after holding meetings with government departments involved. ODM has been piling pressure on the government to postpone the tax regime until 2020 while cautioning the government against over-borrowing.

READ: Government set to tax people having dogs and cats

“It is worth reminding the Government that when it chooses to over-borrow and over-spend, without due consideration for the suffering and the people and shrinking economy, it should find other means to deal with its shortsightedness and allow the citizens to nurse their pain in peace,” said ODM Secretary General, Edwin Sifuna.