Government official nearly dies after eating 3 plates of Githeri


Residents of Kakamega town were on Monday, December 25, treated to a free drama after a county official chocked and collapsed when he was just about to clear his third plate of githeri.

According to Crazy Monday, the unnamed county inspectorate officer arrived at the popular joint and ordered his first plate of githeri and avocado as he always does.

“He always ask for avocado every time he orders for githeri. He believes it adds some flavor and quantity to his meal,” said Siphrosa, one of the waitresses at the joint.

Trouble started when the senior customer requested for a saucer of the common local delicacy, which the hotel was not offering.

“After we told him the hotel had removed the offer, which used to there sometimes back, the customer protested,” Siphrosa recalled.

Angered by the response he received, the man decided to order for a second plate of githeri, and within no time he was through with it.

And just to make it clear to the waitresses that money was the least of his problems – if not how to spend it, he ordered a third plate of githeri. “He scolded us for refusing to give him saucer, claiming that he had enough cash to purchase any number of plates he wished,” the waitress narrated.

Halfway the third plate, he reportedly chocked, splashed his stomach content all over the place and fainted.

“This being a festive season, with most people in the mood for fun, we thought the man was joking, until we realized that, indeed, he was choking. We quickly unbuttoned his shirt, unbuckled his belt, untied his shoe laces and began fanning him,” Siphrosa narrated.

Luckily, the officer recovered.