Government Issues Statement After Video Of Kenyan Being Assaulted In UK Went Viral


Kenyan Government has finally issued a statement in regard to a disturbing video of UK police officers assaulting a Kenyan man identified as Wycliff Cox that went viral.

Addressing the issue that caused an uproar online, the Kenya High Commission to the UK confirmed that it took up the matter and is now following up with the UK authorities.

In the statement dated 12th October, the commission confirmed that they reached out to the family of the victim and assured that justice will be served.

“The High Commission has already communicated with the UK Government raising the Government of Kenya’s concerns on the use of unnecessary force on an unarmed Kenyan man.

“The High Commission has been in constant communication with the family and assured them of the Government’s support as they seek justice,” read the statement in part.

Police officers from Essex Police Department manhandle a Kenyan mentally-ill man

In their report, the government has confirmed that the unfortunate incident happened towards the end of Septemeber and investigations are underway.

“The Government of Kenya is keen that the case that was reported to the UK authorities in late September 2020 be thoroughly investigated so that justice is seen to be done, and also that all involved be held to account for their actions according to UK police conduct and regulations.

“The health, welfare and safety of Kenyans living in the United Kingdom remain a priority for the Mission and the Government of the Republic of Kenya,” added the statement

In the video that made rounds online from October 8, Cox who was bleeding was captured being held down by police officers who reportedly arrested him for breaching bail terms.

Cox is believed to have kicked one of the police officers in an attempt to escape and later the police restrained him.

The police are accused of kicking him, and in the background, his kin is heard begging the officers to let him go.

The statement comes hours after the UK police responded to the video stating that Cox was being aggressive towards a family member before the police detained him.