Government confuses Kenyans in diaspora with contradicting information


Conflicting information displayed on the Website of Kenyan Embassy Ottawa Canada continues to bring confusion among the Kenyans living abroad due to the lack of clarity on matters that affect them directly.

The most pressing matter being the issuance of Passports with the embassy not giving a clear stand regarding the crucial document. Living in the digital age where information and communication is relayed instantly through the use of technology, the website being updated as it is required in order to serve the diaspora better and easier.

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A clear indication of the laxity on the ICT department in the embassy is a notice that was posted on the site over a year ago that to date has not be updated leaving many Kenyans In diaspora wondering whether the embassy maintains the status quo.

‘Following numerous challenges faced by users from overseas (Diaspora) passport applicants, while using the newly introduced online application through the e-Citizen portal, the government has suspended the service temporarily to allow for corrective measures to be put in place. Applicants are therefore advised to revert to the previous application system (manual) until further notice.

Further, all passport applicants from overseas including those who applied online will be issued with the old type passport. We will keep updating you on this process whenever there is any development.’ Read the notice.

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The Kenyan Embassy in Australia is also another lazy ground for the officials in charge since the website that was created in 2014 has been left unattended.

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards that has seen Kenya order its citizens to acquire the new e-passports by August 2019, the Ottawa embassy website seems to have not even communicated the message.

The London and Washington DC consulates seems to be doing well as they have updated information on the sites. The site goes further to even advice Kenyans living there that e-passports are only processed back in Nairobi.

Another consulate that is doing well is the one in Vienna that issued a notice on its website informing the Kenyans that the issuing of the e-passports is currently not operational due to technical hitches.