Gospel Rapper Kamlesh Kagaba Releases New Album ‘Ngori To Glory’ A Year After Wrongful Arrest


Gospel singer Kamlesh Kagaba has released a new album dubbed ‘Ngori To Glory’ to mark seven months since his wrongful arrest by DCI.

Ngori To Glory according to the singer is a very personal album that shares his encounter with the DCI detectives who pounced on him last year following the famous Ksh 72 Million ATM heist in Nairobi. The Detectives believed he was part of the gang that stole the cash only to find that the popular singer was being used as a sacrificial lamb in the scheme.

“Very personal,” said the singer about the album.

“I took time to write it because it gives a very deep insight of what I went through. How my family felt. Having a baby who is just a few months old and you find yourself in such a position is tormenting.”

The gospel album has 10 tracks with the lead single, “Noma Kubwa” revealing what exactly happened during the arrest that shocked Kenyans.

“A group came in and without even questioning, took me and threw me in their car boot. They claimed I was in hot soup but I didn’t understand why,” Singings Kamlesh in the song.

He also shared that he was very thankful for how Kenyans demanded his release. In the album, the singer also narrates some of the things he underwent while in custody saying they left him traumatized.

Other songs in the album include; “Ndimu Tamu”, “Zusha Nao” and “Agape Love”. The album features artists such as Noel Nderitu, Manolo and Proud Refuge.

You can buy the album HERE or listen to it below:

Accompanying the album is also some great merchandise and 5 free books the singer is giving out. To get any of these make sure you follow him on social media or call 0743044055.