Gospel Musician Recalls How He Had To Return To Kenya After Becoming Alcohol Addict And Losing Job In UK


Popular gospel musician Paul Njoroge famously know for his song Meri ya mihang’o has narrated his experience of living abroad and finally responded to claims that he was deported from the UK years back.

In an interview with Hungura Show, Njoroge revealed that he had traveled abroad to further his studies and after successfully getting a job while at it, things took an unexpected turn when he became an alcohol addict.

Njoroge whose music career had flourished since the 90s had not just become famous in the Kenyan industry but there was a huge chunk of income to show his success.

According to the musician, what made life in the UK interesting is the fact that he had friends and being employed.

“Life abroad was good because I had money. I also had friends .”He says

He further narrates how being in the company of friends who indulged in alcohol slowly turned him into an addict and this had quite an impact on his studies and work.

Even though he made the effort to quit drinking, Njoroge says things went to the worse when he lost his job and this would later see him travel back to Kenya,

“I later decided to stop drinking because it started affecting my education and job. Unfortunately, I later lost my job and when you are abroad you must work to get money,” he stated

To clarify on claims that he was deported, the celebrated artist refuted the allegations saying that it was a personal decision and he in fact did not disclose the plan to his friends.

Upon his return to the country, he was still on a drinking spree, and it took him years to turn his back on the addiction.

The singer later got saved and after undergoing treatment his life changed for the best.