As Google honors the late Dr. Margaret Ogola with doodle, here are 10 favorite quotes from the River and the Source


The late Dr Margaret Ogola would have been 60 years today.

To celebrate the award-winning author, medical doctor, and human rights advocate, Google’s homepage in Kenya had a doddle in her honor.

Dr Ogola is best known for her novel, The River and the Source, which was a set book in KCSE from 1999 to 2004. The novel won the 1995 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize best first book in the Africa Region, and the Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature the same year.

“Local doodles provide a way for Google to connect with Kenyans about what matters to them and to help celebrate the important moments. We celebrated Wangari Maathai and today we’re celebrating a literary figure, Dr Margaret Ogola,” stated Dorothy Ooko, head of communications and public affairs, SSA.

These are some of the memorable quotes in the book the River and the Source:

#1. My sons, Do not decide the wisdom of a man by the brevity of his quiet or the multitude of his words. It’s only a wise man who can decide quickly that he doesn’t know and needs to seek more knowledge. A fool knows everything. It’s only a wise man who does not hide his folly behind many words.

#2. Yesterday is not today and today is not tomorrow. Each day rises fresh from the hands of Were and brings with it whatsoever it will.

#3. I have done anatomy and beneath the skin everyone is remarkably the same. Even the blood, which is supposed to be thicker than water, is all just a combination of iron and protein in every instance.

#4. Are you the village chief, or the village fool?

#5. I am Ong’ong’ Jaber. So handsome am I, that when I pass girls gape and drop their water pots.

#6. A home without daughters can never prosper, but is faced with eventual poverty and lack of friendships forged in marriage.

#7. I was taught that the way to keep a man was by the work of my hands and the words of my mouth.

#8. Be it known that my father was a wealthy man before receiving those cattle and would have remained wealthy without them……be it noted also that the wealth i created in this home is more than double the number paid for me….

#9. The course of the world is changed by those who dare to dream.

#10. Bitterness is poison to the spirit for it breeds nothing but vipers some of which might consume your very self. Pain and sorrow all human feels; but bitterness dropped on the spirit like aloes-causing it to wither.