German Based Nigerian Cautions Fellow Nigerians Against Relocating To Europe, Says Life Is Hard


A Nigerian man based in Germany has cautioned his fellow Nigerians over the decision to relocate to Europe hinting at the challenges that come with that decision.

In an interview with Legit, Mr. Forlan who stays in Europe made a comparison between Germany and his home country admitting that life is much easier in Nigeria.

Addressing the perception that living abroad is easy and translates to success, Forlan argued that the opposite might as well be true in some cases.

He further maintained that most of those who benefit from living there are indigenes and nationals of the county; insinuating that migrants will have to work twice as hard to for the benefits.

In regard to owning a business in Europe Forlan says that getting approval is not an easy task and if it doesn’t serve as an obstacle then the greater challenge would be payment of the taxes.

“If the paper works for approval and takeoff doesn’t deter you, the taxes will” he stated

Forlan also rubbished the notion that Europe is heaven saying that having lived their, the comparison is just but fictitious. He hit at Nigerian leaders saying that if they did better for their country no one would feel the need to relocate abroad.

“People dey say Europe, Europe…Say once you come na heaven you dey come. No be heaven. Na the same thing wey dey here na im still dey Nigeria. Nigeria, God bless us wey be say if our leaders dey do well, nobody suppose leave the country dey come Europe,” Forlan said in pidgin

Mr Forlan opened up about his achievements in his home country saying that he has managed to create employment for a number of people who cultivate his farm.