Gambian Lady Who Struggled To Pursue Studies In America Narrates How American Couple Helped Her Achieve Her Dreams


When Gambian woman (whose name is not revealed) left her country for America, she was hopeful that her journey to further her studies would be a smooth ride. However, she narrates how things turned out totally different and how an American couple later made her dreams come true.

Speaking to the Humans of New York, she revealed how her father had to take a loan to fund her travel expenses and the hustle to secure an opportunity to secure admission into campus.

“I thought studying in the US would be easy. I’d attended a UN conference in high school, so I already had a visa.

I begged my father to let me go. He finally agreed and took out a loan to buy me a plane ticket. I arrived with $150 in my pocket, and stayed with a Gambian family in Maryland.” she explained


Although the accommodation was not a struggle, her biggest challenge was to get funds to cater for her fees, and after two months of visiting several schools, all her efforts seemed to hit a dead end.

“…nothing was available for people like me. I began to accept the reality that I would need to go back home,” she told

Her last chance would be a scholarship to Montgomery College and although she was not successful, it was at this point that she met Professor Rudin who changed her life for the best.


What sparked a conversation between them was a Gambian bill which was stuck on the wall alongside currency from different parts of the globe and after opening up about her life, she became family.

“…that night she spoke to her husband Tom, and they decided to pay for my school fees. They gave me money for food and clothes. Kelly drove me to Best Buy and got me a phone, and then added me to their family plan. I’m still on that plan today.” she narrated

The couple cared for her like their own child and years later she graduated from Georgetown.

Since they took her in, she admits that there was no day she was mistreated and the couple did everything to make her feel at home.

” Every morning Kelly made me breakfast, and we drove to school together. She and Tom became like my parents. And her children became like my siblings. They hung pictures of me around the house. They helped with my entire education. ” she added


As she reflected through her journey, the Gambian woman says that her graduation ceremony was one of the emotional moments since her father got to thank the couple for all the good deeds.

What started off as a frustrating journey to her turned out beautiful and her experience has inspired thousands who shared words of blessings to the couple.